Once upon a time, three wise kings came out of a distant land and followed a star to the little town of Bethlehem to honour a child who had just been born. But there was another king whom few have heard of. His name was Mazzel. He was The Fourth King.


Delayed by a cry for help, Mazzel misses his appointment with the other three kings and so his story begins … With his faithful camel Chamberlain, Mazzel sets out in frantic pursuit, but encounters many delays. A young girl lost in a terrible sandstorm, a bemuddled merchant caravan going around in circles in the desert, enslaved orphans to be rescued… The star fades, the journey seems to be over but, in the end, although he's late, The Fourth King finds true happiness and contentment.


A moving and magical tale filled with charm and humour.

© Sieger/ Alexandra Schatz Film Production/ kickback Media Ltd/ Slugger Film

Australia ABC
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Canada Discovery Kids
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UK (video) 2 Entertain
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USA Thomas Nelson Publishing

El Cuarto Rey - Extract (Spanish Castillan)

Extract (English)

Extract (Czech)

Le Quatrième Roi Mage - Extrait (Français)

February 5th 2018
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