Rudyard Kipling’s classic "Just so Stories", written more than a century ago, are still incredibly modern, filled with humour and fantasy.

Made to be told or read aloud, they use the magic of language to carry the listener into a poetic universe, a world in motion, a world still pure where everything is possible: the world of “all beginnings”. Each story is a breath of fresh air which evokes in an imaginative and fantastic way the transformation of certain animals:


How and Why the Camel got his Hump,
The Whale, his narrow Throat,
The Leopard, his Spots
and the Elephant’s Child, his Trunk…

Other stories bring us to the Caveman’s world where Kipling reveals the beginnings of the alphabet and the domestication of the animals with much humor and fantasy.

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Teaser (English)

How the Rhinocerus got his Skin (English)

Le commencement des Tatous (Français)

The Cat That Walked by Himself (Català)

The Crab that played with the sea (Mandarin)

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Selected Animadrid - Spain
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