From the collections of the Quai Branly Museum Paris, and entirely dedicated to Arts of the Peoples of the World, Season 4 of this renowned series takes us and our three heroes across four continents – (Africa, America, Asia and the South Sea Islands/Oceania) to discover magnificent masks, stunning statuettes and fantastic fabrics.

These amazing collections continue to thrill this trio of inveterate museum goers and inspire their very pertinent – and sometimes impertinent – comments!

Copyrights 2011 Les Films de l'Arlequin/ Musée du quai Branly

Africa Cote Ouest Audiovisuel
Argentina Paka Paka
Canada Cinefete
China Lekan (VOD)
Czech Republic Ceska Televize
France Cap Canal
France France Televisions
France (SVOD) Pass Kids (VOD Factory) - SFR
Israel Noga Communications
Middle East Al Jazeera Children's Channel
Slovenia RTV
South Korea Chungdahm
Taiwan Horng En Culture
Ukraine Citi Channel
USA Discovery Education
USA Facts on File
World (French Speaking) TV5 Monde

Ah Puch God of Death (English)

Paljukutjara soak in the great sandy desert (English)

Scarecrow (English)

Quetzalcoatl Feathered serpent (Hebrew)

Ah Puch God of Death (Mandarin)

Anthropomorphic mask (Mandarin)

Stencil (Mandarin)

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