Still whimsical, still poetic, Series 2 of these quirky shorts in a stylised japanesque universe introduces some previously un-encountered characters - boys!

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The Stars (No dialogue)

Abracadabra 2 (No dialogue)

Strawberries (No dialogue)

March 29th 2017
MIP TV 2017
Adorable KATURI (52 x 7') is now completed! Check out the latest English episodes at MIP TV and fall in love with Sejji, Maji, Kkongji and Duri as they discover the joys, surprises and shocks of nature!FOOTY PUPS SERIES 2 & GO GO FOOTY PUPS SERIES 2 available for delivery May 2017.BEST SPORTS EVER 3 now available…
September 7th 2016
Top rating CBeebies show FOOTY PUPS (30 x 15' ) saw its first international launch this summer on Poland's MINI MINI + and EBS Korea coinciding with the start of UEFA Euro Cup. Now the World Cup qualifiers are starting don't miss the chance to stir up a football frenzy in playgrounds in your territory! It's been…