How does a rainbow happen? Is a star living or dying ? What is Spring?
Just some of the many questions that a 6 year old child will ask and Moko, traveling all over the world, continent by continent, discovers many natural phenomena which sometimes delight him, other times scare him.

Every episode recounts an adventure and ends with an explanation of what seems unexplainable. Magic, poetry and science!

  • Series 1 : eps 01 - 13 Africa
  • Series 2 : eps 14 - 26 Asia
  • Series 3  : eps 27 - 39 Europe
  • Series 4 : eps 40 - 52 The Americas

© 2007 Le Regard Sonore Productions

Africa Cote Ouest Audiovisuel
Africa & USA Tivi5 Monde (French Speaking)
Argentina Paka Paka
Bosnia and Herzegovina BHT
Botswana Botswana TV
Brazil Canal Futura
Brazil Didak
Brazil TV Escola
China Lekan (VOD)
Finland YLE Swedish Channel
France France Vision for Air France
France Piwi
France Dom Tom RFO
Greece (TV) Alter Channel
Greece (video) Modern Times
Iceland Icelandic National Broadcasting Service
Iran Irib
Israel Noga Communications
Mexico Canal Once
Middle East Al Jazeera Children's Channel
Namibia Namibia TV
Norway NRK
Portugal RTP
South Africa Berjaya
South Korea Chungdahm
South Korea EBS
Spain (DVD) Barcelona Multimedia
Switzerland RTS
Taiwan Horng En Culture
UK Inflight Productions (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines)
Ukraine Citi Channel
Uruguay TV Uruguay
USA Discovery Education
USA Facts on File
USA New Dimension
Venezuela TVES
World (French Speaking) TV5 Monde

Moko - Africa - The Stars' Secrets (English)

Moko - Europe - The Land of White (English)

Moko - Europe - The Burning Fountain (English)

Moko - Europe - The Magical Sky (English)

Moko - La luz en el fondo del mar (Spanish)

Moko - Los Colores del Arcoiris (Spanish)

Moko - El sol perdido (Spanish)

Moko - Hills of the round earth (Portuguese)

October 9th 2017
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March 29th 2017
MIP TV 2017
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