Home Things: the secret lives of knives and forks, boots and brushes, scissors and socks all unveiled in this mixed media musical series for pre-schoolers.


Where singing, dancing and discoveries are everyday occurences! And where wrapping paper is oftentimes way more interesting than presents.


Just imagine!

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Home Things - The Scissors and the Needle (English)

Home Things - The Clothes and The Pegs (English)

Home Things - The Table and the Chairs (English)

Home Things - The Telephone and the Directory (English)

Home Things - A tesoura e a aguilha (Brazilian Portuguese)

Home Things - La Fourchette et le couteau (Français)

February 5th 2018
Best Sports Ever (80 x 1'30")
Best Sports Ever Season 3 now rolling out on Knowledge Network Canada coinciding with the Winter Olympics! Thanks Knowledge! Go Canada!
October 9th 2017
Meet Katuri, Duri, Bobby, Jack and Chip in the final episodes of Katuri (52 x 7') now available for delivery and screening in the MIP Junior digital library! And discover the wonders of the natural world with them - new animal Firefly friends to be found in the middle of the night, or skillful Otters showing off…