Ivick Von Salza the Little Lumberjack a comedy based series of interstitials illustrating the lumberjacking life and life beyond lumberjacking in the heart of the big woods!

Ivick, his lumberjack Dad and precious pink pet pig Malta find themselves having lots of fun in ridiculous situations together with their strange snowy mountain top neighbours – snow-crocodiles, yetis, bears and lots more guarantee plenty of surprises for this little boy when he’s camping, skating and snowboarding! 

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Canada BBC Kids
China Lekan (VOD)
Costa Rica SINART Canal 13
Finland YLE
Japan Disney Channel
Portugal RTP
Ukraine Voxell
USA Frederator

Jumping on the Couch (No dialogue)

Out of the Ballpark (No dialogue)

TreeHouse (No dialogue)

October 9th 2017
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March 29th 2017
MIP TV 2017
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